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The Essence Package
The Essence Package
The Essence Package
The Essence Package

The Essence Package

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Shangri-La Candle, Room Spray and Diffuser.

The Essence of Shangri-La evokes a feeling of serenity and calm, and was inspired by the legend of Shangri-la - a land of exquisite harmony and beauty described in James Hilton's 1933 novel Lost Horizon. The scent's bottom notes of vanilla, sandal and musk are highlighted by top notes of light bergamot and tea spiced with Ginger.

Directions for Use:

Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before use.
Always use a suitable candle-holder.
Be sure the candle-holder is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
Do not burn candle when wax is less than 1/2 inch from bottom. 

Remove bottle cap and insert reeds into glass container. Natural reeds will absorb the fragrance oil and deliver several months of long-lasting home fragrance. For more intense fragrance, turn the reeds often. Do not reuse the reeds even with the same scent, the reeds should be replaced when replacing the oil. Natural fragrance oils may change colour over time.

Spray 2-3 pumps into the air.
Repeat as often as desired to keep the air in your room fresh and fragrant. 


Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. 
Do not ingest. 
Keep away from flame and heat.
Keep away from children and pets.
Do not spray on furniture and fabric surfaces. 


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