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All of our massages are performed with the highest-quality ingredients rich in premium coconut to hydrate, passionflower to soothe, and premium flower essences to relax, rejuvenate and calm your body and mind. All oils are formulated in Canada and the USA by ZENTS with natural and biodynamic ingredients and come with the option of unzented or a gentle aroma.

Aroma Journey Massage Our aroma relaxing massage applies light-to-medium pressure using Swedish massage techniques to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and increase circulation. Bespoke aromas used in this massage respond to each individual's needs.

60 mins: $215 (Mon - Thu) or $240 (Fri-Sun/PH)
90 mins: $310 (Mon - Thu) or $330 (Fri-Sun/PH)

Customised Massage Relieve muscle tension throughout the body with a massage which is tailored to suit your individual needs, and provides an energy release to harmonise the body.

60 mins: $215 (Mon - Thu) or $240 (Fri-Sun/PH)
90 mins: $310 (Mon - Thu) or $330 (Fri-Sun/PH)

Deep Repair Massage This treatment is the perfect escape after intensive exercise or an injury. A firm massage, using mainly forearm and elbow, works at a deep muscular level and will aid with chronic pain and muscle tension.

60 mins: $215 (Mon - Thu) or $240 (Fri-Sun/PH)
90 mins: $310 (Mon - Thu) or $330 (Fri-Sun/PH)

Massage for Two Take time to reconnect with a loved one, best friend or family member on side-by-side massage tables, set within one of our exquisite suites for two. Two therapists work in unison to provide an unforgettable shared experience. *Must select two massages of equal length, priced per-person, per-type of massage.

60 mins: Priced per person per type of massage
90 mins: Priced per person per type of massage

Pregnancy Massage Unwind with a deeply relaxing and nurturing massage for mother and baby that releases stress and tension. The therapy uses the finest massage oils that are safe for pregnancy to nourish skin. Expectant mothers will feel lighter, refreshed and radiant. Only available for second and third trimester.

60 mins: $215 (Mon - Thu) or $240 (Fri-Sun/PH)
90 mins: $310 (Mon - Thu) or $330 (Fri-Sun/PH)

Signature Himalayan Hot Stone Feel your tension melt away through the use of heated natural salt stone crystals. Considered the purest and most beneficial salt on earth, the crystals contain 84 naturally-occurring minerals and salts. Resonating at the Earth's frequency, the heated salt stones neutralise the ill effects of toxic frequencies we live with. Excellent for treating jetlag and insomnia.

90 mins: $325 (Mon - Thu) or $345 (Fri-Sun/PH)

Soothing Foot Massage After a long day of travel or walking around the city, this massage will help to reduce swelling of the legs and ankles, stimulate blood circulation and relieve stress.

30 mins: $125 (Mon - Thu) or $135 (Fri-Sun/PH)
45 mins: $165 (Mon - Thu) or $185 (Fri-Sun/PH)

Tension Relieving Neck and Back This massage quickly helps to release tension in the neck, shoulders and back and is ideal for those short on time.

30 mins: $130 (Mon - Thu) or $140 (Fri-Sun/PH)
45 mins: $175 (Mon - Thu) or $195 (Fri-Sun/PH)

During peak periods, all treatments are subject to a AUD 10 surcharge per person Monday to Thursday, and a AUD 20 surcharge per person Friday to Sunday, and AUD 55 surcharge on Public Holidays. For Public Holiday hours, please contact the spa. Prices are subject to change. Please note advanced reservation is required. 24 hour cancellation period applies.